Spray-Vac® provides the ultimate protection for spray vaccination.


Spray-Vac® Stabilizer aids in the administration of sprayed vaccines for poultry. It is especially designed to prolong the viability and improve the effectiveness of reconstituted and diluted spray vaccines.


  • New generation stabilizer especially engineered for poultry spray vaccines, including fragile bronchitis and mycoplasma vaccines
  • Immediate stabilization of the water
  • Rescues vaccines from the harmful effects of chlorine, controls pH, and balances tonicity in ordinary tap water or well water
  • Safer than distilled or deionized water as vaccine diluent
  • Pink dye to indicate the spray solution is completely safe and ready to receive the vaccine.
  • Ideal for use in SoloVac™ or comparable backpack-type sprayers
  • Will not clog sprayer nozzles


Before diluting vaccine in the spray solution, stabilize the water by adding 4 ounces of Spray-Vac® Stabilizer to each gallon (32 ml per liter) of spray solution when using ordinary tap water or well water containing up to 4 ppm chlorine (Cl).

For unusual circumstances with chlorine levels higher than 4 ppm, see chart below. Uniform distribution of the pink stabilizer in the water assures the stabilizer is thoroughly mixed, and the spray solution is completely safe and ready to receive the vaccine.

Metric Standard:

metric standard chart spray-vac

Mix the vaccine into the spray solution and spray according to the manufacturer’s directions


1 Liter (33.8 oz) Bottles
12 Bottles per Case


Store at room temperature
Protect from temperature extremes
Not for human use
Keep out of reach of children