The Assurance of Optical Vaccination Without the Risk.


Eye drop products are some of the most expensive used in poultry flocks, and the diseases they fight are even costlier. Freeze-dried eye drops are fragile, and they lose potency quickly when rehydrated in ordinary unstable diluents. This instability can cause a large number of doses to decay before reaching the birds.

Opti-Vac® is more than simple diluent; it is a new generation stabilizer that rescues valuable doses from decay. USDA researchers report that 15 minutes after rehydrating with ordinary diluent, certain eye drops lose 60-80% of their titer. The same researchers found that Opti-Vac® preserves full potency.

In these tests, each vial rehydrated in ordinary diluent would have delivered only 20-40% of the intended dosage. Compare that to birds dosed with eye drop rehydrated in Opti-Vac® receiving a full compliment of the intended doses.

A freeze-dried product that has lost half its titer costs twice as much per effective dose, or much more when it fails to fully protect against disease.

Opti-Vac® is the ideal solution to ensure you get the most effective doses for your money.


  • Ideal solution that nurtures eye drop products and immediately stabilizes during rehydration
  • Preserves eye drop value by preventing decay common with ordinary sterile diluents
  • Protects eye drop against tonic imbalance
  • Optimal buffering eliminates vaccine degradation due to stray pH
  • Guards against oxidizers
  • Dark blue color indicator marks vaccinated birds
  • Easy open pop-top vials with dropper tips included

Opti-Vac® is especially designed to eliminate the negative effects of ordinary, unstabilized eye drop diluent.

Follow eye drop manufacturer’s rehydration directions using the recommended volume of Opti-Vac®. Replace vial stopper with dropper tip provided and dose birds by eye dropping according to manufacturer’s instructions.


25 x 30 ml bottles per case with calibrated dripper tips included
Each 30 ml bottle supports 1000 doses of eye drop vaccine


Store at room temperature
Protect from temperature extremes
Not for human use
Keep out of reach of children